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May 22

Anonymous asked: Is there any person who feel like to help me in translation of Balochi poetry into English?

I don’t personally know anyone who speaks Balochi, but if you find someone to help you with that, I would love to read some Balochi translations.


Feb 7

Ask me.

My child is a pattern
more me than men.
My wisdom is surrounded
by beautiful sex. It is only
the wisdom of eyebrows.

I’m my biggest complaint,
a weak man who never met a house

owned by himself.
Looking for that long distance
away from a pair of women,
I was making a bomb. I was
whistling and I still remember.

— Gabe Durham

Dec 4

Nov 6

Oct 30

here are the first 10 poems of crane giamo’s translations from oda ito’s a decade of poems for the new year

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